Minnie Lee Etheredge was born to  
Maggie Digmon Etheredge and
Samuel Etheredge on 7/11/1916.  
Married 1. Ralph Minshew 2. Clyde
Evans, and 3. Lovern Busby
December 1, 1979.  Minnie is the
mother of Henry and Bill Minshew
and step-mother of Glenda Mayo.
1992 Etheredge Reunion at the home of Minnie and Lovern (Buzz) Busby.  Left to right back row
Joe Jones, Leon Etheredge, Nathan Etheredge, Claude Etheredge, Ray Standifer (d. 10/13/2000),
front row, Frances Jones, Betty Etheredge, Doris Etheredge, Louise Etheredge, Melba Jones
Standifer, Minnie and Lovern Busby.
Lovern and Minnie Busby summer of
1991.  Lovern Busby died 1/13/1995
Glenda Mayo and Minnie
Lindsey Thanksgiving 1999
Minnie Busby married 4th Johnny Lindsey
of Cullman County, AL on March 2, 1999.
Minnie Lee Etheredge
Samuel Etheredge b. 7/20/1895 d  Feb.1985 was the son of W. N. William Nathan) Etheredge b.
12/4//1858 in Marengo County, AL a Primitive Baptist Preacher, known as Billy Etheredge and
Martha Ellen Davis b. 3/25/1857.  W. N. Etheredge was the son of Edmund Etheredge b. abt. 1823
in Jones County, Georgia and Elizabeth Roberts b. abt. 1825 in South Carolina.

Samuel Etheredge was a Primitive Baptist Preacher at the Pleasant Grove Primitive Baptist Church in
Ozark, Dale County  Alabama for over 50 years.  
Samuel Etheredge married Maggie Digmon in
Escambia County and had three children:   1. A.P. Etheredge 2. Warren Etheredge d. abt 1964 and 3.
Minnie Lee Etheredge.  Maggie died abt. Oct 1921 when Minnie was about 5 years old and Warren
was 4 months old.  Samuel then married
Lena Hester from Butler County, Alabama and had five
children.  Minnie said that Lena was the only mother she knew and that Lena did not show any
difference in any of the children. Samuel moved his family to Butler County around 1923 and  abt.
1929  moved to Dale County, Alabama..
Samuel Etheredge and Lena Hester
had the following children:
1.  Melba Etheredge b. d. Dec. 17, 2003
 m 1. __ Jones
 2nd m. to Ray Standifer
2.  Claude Etheredge

3.  William Nathan Etheredge

4.  Leon Etheredge
3rd generation
 Primitive Baptist Preacher

5.  Frances Etheredge m. Joe Jones
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