Aaron Family Late 1800's and Early 1900's - Cullman and Winston Counties, Alabama
John Aaron b. 2/22/1874 Walker C. AL d. 5/25/1942  married Docha/Docie Abigail Hambrick b. 1/6/1879 d. 6/26/1916 and had the following children:  (World War II draft card has John Aaron's date of birth as February 21, 1876)

1. William "Pete" Henry Aaron b.1/4/1899 AL d. 6/13/1941 m. Vandella Morrow  b. 10/13/1904 d. 5/15/1985 dau. of Thomas and Arncinda Morrow
2. Fannie Jane Aaron b. 3/22/1900 d. 12/10/1972 m.  James Ervin Bishop  children:
        i.  Christine b.9/15/1921 d. 11/20/1939
       ii. Dorothy b.  8/21/1923 d. 12/4/1995 m. on 8/26/1939 to John Hamilton "Hamp" Gilliland b.11/27/1919 d. 6/17/1973 children: Jack m. Sallie Nichols, Wayne m.Vernell and has dau. Charlotte, then Wayne m. Barbara, Larry m. Shirley Tucker -children Christi and Jenny;  Billy Gilliland m. Denise 11/26/1976 two  children Jessica Aaron Gilliland and Patrick Shane Gilliland. Jessica m. Shaun Michael Phillips on 4/13/2002. Patrick Gilliland m. Gina Nicole Kerklin July 16, 2005.
       iii.  Odis Bishop b. 5/18/1926 m. 3/24/1945 Mavinee Hamrick b. 8/27/1925, sons, Odis Paul, James Ellis "Hezie" Bishop,  dau. Susan Bishop Shadix and Julia Bishop McDaniel
       iv. Billy Bishop b. 2/13/1929 d.4/6/1947
        v. Annie Mae Bishop b. 1/29/1932 m. Martin Horsley son Lance Horsley.  Sons Harold Lee, Jerry Harrelson b. 12/29/1955  in Hollywood,  FL m. on 9/12/1980 to Polly Hennessey b.12/2/1955 in Sheffield, AL -children Melissa Grace Harrelson b. 3/1/1984  in  Heidelberg, Ger. and Ann Maria Harrelson b. 3/22/1986 at Ft. Campbell, TN.  Annie Mae m. Earl Brumley b.3/7/1933 d. 9/8/1995 son Earl Brumley, their children Earline b. 5/29/1962 d. 7/16/1963, Arlene Brumley
       vi.  Roger Bishop b. 10/28/1933 d. 5/12/1997 married 3/25/1955 Sarah Byrd.  Children:   Randy Bishop married Kathy. Their children are Majesta, Miranda and Jason Bishop.  Sandy Bishop married Hale.
3. Charlie Samuel Aaron b. died of black lung  m. Netha "Neethie" Glaze b. d.  children (1) Bobby Ruth b. 1/28/1937 at Arley, AL  m. Elton "Toby" Edward Robbins - children Wanda Sue, Penny Jean, Johnny Lynn and Donna; Bobby Ruth's 2nd m. Frank Lodge - dau. Cindy  (2) William "Bill"  Ernest  b. 12/5/1940 Miami, FL. (3) Eunice Azzilee b. 10/25/1938 Arley, AL died  and  (4) Charles Edward b. 4/24/1943 Parrish, AL died - married unk. - children Charles Edward, Jr., Randall "Randy"  and Dennis Aaron b. 3/13/1966..
4.  Sarah Ann Aaron b. 5/3/1901 d. 1/16/1970  m. Riley Abbott b. 10/14/1899 d. 8/1970 children (1). Alvin Abbott b. 11/4/1920 d. 5/3/1999 Alvin Abbott  m. Winnie Hill b. 1931 d. 3/22/2000 - children Larry and John C. Abbott   (2).  Hazel Abbott b. 6/22/1922 in Winston Co. died 2005 (3).  Doyle Abbott b. 5/11/1926 (4). Loyal Abbott b. 10/11/1929 died 2005 (5). Arnold "Cooter" Abbott   b. 4/10/1937 (6/7). Twins Bobby (Bobby died as infant) and Betty Faye Abbott b. 1/21/1941 m. Bob Crowl 
5.  Caroline Aaron b. 8/20/1902 d. 1/1984  m. Albert Marion b.9/26/1897 d. 2/1968 Children Grady Cecil Marion b.1/10/1920 d.12/25/1992, J.B., Harlis, Rubie, Marynette, Doris, Margie, Aline, Gladius, Shirley Ann Faye "Toots", and Gary Marion.
6. Maude Aaron b.d.unknown buried in Sweetwater, Tx. died as infant.
7B. Dollie Aaron b. 3/3/1906 TX  d. 12/23/1982 m-1.  _______ Hill, children, Johnny, Jack, Bertha, Willie, Winnie, Minnie -  Minnie Hill  m.  Wallace Cook children Michael, Jane, Penny (Penny m. Travis Pilgrim) Dollie's 2nd m. Lee A. Freeman b. 2/8/1905 d. 1/2/1983 children, Lavonia m. Clyde Gillott and Eloise m. James Gillott.
8.  Cynthia Aaron b. 1908 AL m. William Guy Williams b.1903 d. 1956 (his father Judge Thomas Williams and mother Docia E. Aaron)  children Vance Williams, John Thomas Williams.  Vance married Maxine unk. and children Tommy, Eddie and Rita Williams.  Rita married Dale L. Stephens.

9. George W.  Aaron b.9/25/1909 d. 10/3/1935  never married.  George was killed in a sawmill accident.

10Estelle Aaron m. "Rip" Williams - children son, Buddy, daug. Bitty and dau. Daisy,
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11. Martha Evelyn Aaron b. 12/20/1912 AL  d. 8/14/1981 m. on 7/18/1930 to Gladston "Dick" Robertson b.4/30/1911, one son Talmadge John Robertson married Helen Landis about 1950,  their children Jeannette Anne Robertson, Steven John Robertson, Michael Allen Robertson and Richard Bruce Robertson b. 25 March 1957 in Florida, died 1983.
12. Adelle Aaron b. 5/27/1916 d. 3/15/1989  m. Girlus Glenn Key b. Sept. 25, 1910 d. May 4, 1976 Girlus was the son of Joseph Clifton Key and Vader. Girlus had brothers named Hardie, Arbrey, sister Annie Mae and brother Norman Key) children
       1.  Joanne m. Joe Henderson  dau. i. Deborah m. Lowell Hadder two children Adam Lowell and Amanda Kay ii. Cathy m1st Graham children Heath Graham and  Haley Graham  Cathy m.2  Billy Bush one child Allen Joseph "A.J." Bush.
       2. Doris m. Junior Phillips one son William "Bill" Glenn Phillips m. Julie, step-son Atlas Hough, Bill and Julie a son Chad William Phillips  b. 1/12/1991.
John Aaron and 2nd wife Nancy Jane Abbott Busby Aaron "Grandma Aaron"
John Aaron b. 2/22/1874 in Walker County, AL d. 5/25/1942 in Winston Co.  Charlie Aaron, son of John  signed his death certificate and was living in Hollywood, FL at the time of his father's death.  John Aaron is buried at Crane Hill, Cullman County, AL.
My father, Lovern Busby b. 7/6/1911, was raised by his mother, Nancy Jane Abbott Busby Aaron b. 7/9/1886 d. 12/27/1974, and John Aaron "the old man" as my uncles and dad called him.  John Aaron had been married and had a whole string of "younguns" and a two month old baby girl when he married my grandmother on 7/29/1916.  Grandmother told me that she and Docia, John's wife were good friends and on her death bed she ask my grandmother to marry John and raise her younger children and baby.  That my grandmother did! She and "the old man" had a whole string of "younguns" too.  See them on the next page.
Samuel Buel Aaron, now deceased, had extensive research on Richard Aaron Decendants. This information is still available on the internet, but, I have found no connection yet with our John Aaron.
See pictures of family decendants in the Aaron Kin  album at My Flickr Photo Albums.
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