Musicians in our Family!
Dwight Busby started playing  "Hillbilly" music in the 1940's and played
throughout his life.  He died at the young age of 30.  This photo taken
around 1947, is a group Arley, Alabama, Winston County boys, who played
music at a radio station in Jasper, AL.   Left to right standing Willis Taylor,
Ulyss Thompson, Eddie Chester and bottom left Buren Farley and my
Dwight Busby, also known as "Strawberry" by friends.   He is
probably around 16 years old in this photograph.  Dwight played and sang  
country music on local television stations, radio stations, at square dances
and local night clubs while living in Hollywood, Florida.
Dwight's son, Dwight Warren Busby, lived in Hollywood, FL and followed in his father's footsteps  playing and singing songs which he loved.  Here
are a few snapshots of him with a couple of his heroes the Bellamy brothers.  Below left he is playing a guitar which he designed himself.   Warren
worked for the City of Hollywood as a carpenter and performed in various clubs and at benefits.
These pictures of Warren Busby were made a
few years before his death in 1998
My Uncle Jesse and Aunt Frances Bishop with Lonely River Troupers and the
Moonlight Ramblers of Etowah County, Alabama
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Neither Dwight nor Warren were famous, but they did have the love of playing  music deeply
engrained in their heart and  will always be loved and remembered by family and friends.
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The picture at right is a picture I found recently in my
mother's pictures of Dwight probably about 15 or 16
years old with a group of young men playing music.  
Dwight is on the right, the short one. He had red hair
"Strawberry"  and brown eyes.  These men may be some
of the same ones in the picture above.  I know if not,
they are from Arley, Alabama because that is where my
mother and father lived at that time.
At the left is a class picture made at Meek School in
Arley, Alabama. I can't identify anyone in this picture
but Dwight.  He is the boy on the front row with the two
tone sweater.  If anyone can identify anyone else please
e-mail me.  Dwight was born in 1931 so I believe this
picture was made around 1941 because he looks to be
about 10 years old here.
Dwight's Daughter and Grandchildren
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In December of 2004 Amy Hix contacted me that her Aunt Joannie Farley Smith was in the above picture and she identified
folks in the picture.  Front Row L to R:  Iva Gibson, Lorene Davis, Dwight Busby, Gerald Law, James Fuller, Marblene Key,
Willodean Watts, June Murphy, Wanda Lee Lindley.  Row 2 L to R:  Jimmy Neal, Maurel Weeks, Jack Wilson, Mary June
Phillips, Royce Cox, Billy Bishop, Blaine Smith, Corene Wilson, Glen Wood, Ona Mae Finley.  BACK Row L to R:  J. W.
Knight, Joannie Farley Smith, Dorothy Hambrick, Wynell Hambrick,  Aster Woodard, Arlon Fuller and Celestal Robertson.