The "Lonely River Troupers"
Jesse Bishop and wife Frances Street Bishop were heading to other parts of the states in 1946 with Kid Smith's "Lonely River Troupers".  Above top picture was Jesse Bishop in 1933 and another photo in the middle of Jesse as a young boy.  Jessie was b. 10/1/1916 d. 11/7/1970.
Kid Smith's "Lonely River Troupers" were traveling around the country in 1946.
See more of my Uncle Jesse and wife, Frances on the Bishop page.
The Moonlight Ramblers
In the 1930's Jesse and Frances were in another band J. M. Street and the Moonlight Ramblers.    J. M. Street was Frances' father.  They performed at WJBY radio in Gadsden, AL.
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