Mayo Family of Marshall County, Alabama
Dee Witt Clinton Mayo also known as Lincoln Mayo married his second wife Etta Snead November 1900 in Marshall County, Alabama. Ma and Pa Mayo, as
they were known, lived in and around Little Spain. Pa Mayo b. 5/10/1864 in Georgia and died 9/11/1953 in Alabama and Ma Mayo b. 1874 died 3/7/1967.  D W C
Mayo's death certificate states dob 5/10/1864, but other census records indicate that he was born in 1870.  A wonderful lady, Mildred Perry Miller, who has done
extensive research on the Mayo Family has found Lincoln Mayo and wife Etta in the 1920 census with all of their children listed below.  My husband's father,
Dee Witt Mayo, was 9 months old in the 1920 census and he was born  on 8/21/1919.  Records indicate Lincoln Mayo's father was Benjamin Mayo b. 6/6/1806 in
Chester County, South Carolina and his mother Janett Williamson born c 1835 in Georgia.  Benjamin's first wife is thought to be a Cheatwood.  DWC "Link"
Mayo was married first to Catherine Howard on September 15, 1895 in Etowah County, Alabama.  
Dee Witt Clinton Mayo aka Lincoln Mayo  was known as "Uncle Link."   Uncle
Link carried a portable syrup maker around from farm to farm making the
farmer's syrup.

Children born to DeWitt Clinton Mayo and Etta Snead written in Family Bible:
1.  Della Mayo b. 9/22/1901 d.
2.  Bertha Mayo b.  2/18/1904 d.
3.  Stella "Vic"  Mayo b. 9/21/1906 d.
4.  Lloyd Taft Mayo b. 4/16/1909 d. 1/10/2001
5.  Arthur Lee Mayo b. 3/13/1912 d.
6.  Vera Rene Mayo b. 10/1/1914 d.
7.  Dee Witt Mayo b. 8/21/1919 d. 4/29/1982
Drennon Jay Mayo at right with globe he
won in 1961  selling subscriptions to The
Reporter now the Sand Mountain Reporter.
Drennon Mayo 1990 with first
Grandchild, Brett Baker!
Tin type photo
of Etta Snead
Ma and Pa Mayo
Right Clenton Mayo, son of
Arthur LeeMayo, and daughter
Annita Mayo.
1.  Bertha m. George Whitehead 7/7/1929
       i.  Audie Whitehead b. 3/?11/1932
      ii. Katherine Whitehead b. 8/16/1930
2.  Della m. Jack E.  Dunn 9/23/1924
       i.  Norman Dunn b. 8/3/1925 d. unknown
       ii.  Byron Dunn b. 12/23/1926
      iii. Vernon Lee Dunn b. 4/1?/1929
      iv. Elvin Junior Dunn b. 2/6/1931
       v. Thelma Dunn b. 3 or 5/6/1934
      vi. Cherry Jean Dunn b. 10/9/1936
     vii. John Arley Dunn b. 12/21/1943
3.  Vera m. __ Royal
4.  Stella "Vic" m. Will Dobbins
5.  Lloyd  m. Martha Phillips 7/25/1929
    i. Floice Bee Mayo b. 5/30/1930 d. 2/8/2001
  married Winslow Wilson. Children
  Larry, Tony, David,Willene & Martha
    ii.  Lois Jeraldine Mayo b. 9/21/1934
   iii.  Geraldine Mayo b. 11/20/1945
6.  Arthur m. Mary Story 2/28/1936
     i. Clenton Mayo b. 12/11/1936
    ii. Mavis Mayo b. 7/13/1938
   iii. Ezelle Mayo b. unk
    iv. Jamie Ray Mayo b. 3/30/1940
     v. Florence Mayo b. unk
    vi. Glenda Mayo b. unk.
7.  Dee Witt  b. 8/21/1919 in Etowah County, AL
  d. 4/29/1982 married 7/28/1945
Virda Mason b.2/5/1926 d. 12/21/2002.
     i.  Brenda Mayo 10/28/46 m.
     ii.  Ferris Jean Mayo b. 5/23/1948 d. 8/29/1948
    iii.  Drennon J. Mayo b. 7/21/1951
    iv.  Phyllis Kaye Mayo b.  6/22/1955
Other births and deaths  wrtten in Family Bible:
1.  M.E.B. Mayo b. 1/17/1874 (probably Mollie)
2.  Joe  Mayo b. 5/17/1843 d. 2/7/1933
Link's brother Joseph Charles Mayo)
3.  Ann Thirlkill d. 3/15/1937 (
May be
   Link's sister Missourie Ann born about c. 1864
4.  Gidin Dunn d. 10/15/1938
5.  Fannie Snead b. 1867 d. 11/29/1950 (
6.  Floice's baby b. 2/8/1949  buried the 9th.
If  anyone has any further
information to add to this family or
correct  please
e-mail  me.
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Pa  Mayo "Link" with daughter
Stella Victoria "Vic".
Drennon Jay Mayo son of Dee
Witt Mayo b. 8/21/1919
Dee Witt Mayo son of Dee Witt
Clinton Mayo aka Lincoln or
"Uncle Link"  Mayo
Written in the Family Bible:
Dee Witt Clinton "Link" Mayo and Etta Snead Mayo are buried at Mt. Hebron in Marshall County, AL.